A Guide To Choosing and Buying A Home in the Philippines – Part 2

In part 1 of this 2-part post, we discussed the different aspects that a home buyer should take into consideration when choosing and buying property in the Philippines.  These included location, security, developer’s track record and the costs associated with the property purchase.  In this second part of the series we continue to tackle the […]

A Guide To Choosing and Buying A Home in the Philippines

Are you thinking of buying property in the Philippines but don’t know where to start?  Are you faced with so many options but can’t decide which property to invest in? With the various options available in the Philippines nowadays, homebuyers sometimes find themselves caught in the frenzy of finding the home that will suit their […]

An Indispensable Guide – Yours Absolutely FREE!

Are you seriously thinking of buying that condo unit perfect for your lifestyle? Are you considering selling your property? Whether you are buying or selling, be aware that it is not only the price that you should take into consideration in your buy or sell decision.  There are other taxes and costs associated with the property […]

Why not Retire in the Philippines? Part 2 -The Various Special Retirees’ Resident Visa (SRRV Programs)

In part 1 of this 2-part series, we introduced the Special Retirees’ Resident Visa, a Philippine program for retirees, whether they be  foreigners or former Filipino citizens, and detailed out the various benefits that the program offers.  Here in part 2 we detail out the different programs being offered under this scheme. The Special Retirees’ […]

Why Not Retire in the Philippines? The Special Retirees’ Resident Visa (SRRV)

The Philippines has been hailed as one of the best retirement havens in the world today.  With over 30,000 retirees from 107 countries, the Philippines is now occupying the 17th spot in the list of the world’s best retirement locations, as highlighted in the 2014 edition of the Global Retirement Index of International Living magazine. […]

Can Former Filipino Citizens Own Land in the Philippines?

Based on the National Statistics Office, there are millions of Filipinos living overseas today.  These Filipinos are either working or living in their new country as immigrants and permanent residents.  And most of these Filipinos still yearn for that chance to own a home in their native land, with a good number of  them even […]

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