Philippine Property Buying Guide for Foreigners

If you are a foreigner or expat currently living in the Philippines or have plans of establishing residence in the Philippines, buying property is an option that you may want to seriously explore.  Given the significantly improved state of the Philippine economy, the extensive increase in business activity and the continuing influx of foreign nationals […]

An Expat’s Guide to Buying A Condo Unit in the Philippines

The Philippines has today been hailed as one of the hotspots for property investments in the Asian region.   As a result of the dramatically improved economy as show in the 7.8% growth rate posted for the first quarter of this year, the Philippines has become one of the most viable investment vehicles for locals and […]

Why Invest in Philippine Properties?

Recent years have seen an increasing demand for real estate from the foreign market.   Being one of the faster growing emerging markets in the world, the Philippines is one of the countries investors look to for excellent investment opportunities.  The significant increase in buying interest from the foreign market has steadily been growing as seen […]

Pagibig Series 4 : How much can a member borrow from PagIBIG?

Click here for very affordable house and lot packages developed by Ayala Land Bellavita. You’ve found the perfect home.  You are gainfully employed and feel that you can afford to pay monthly instalments on your home loan.  But how much can you borrow from PagIBIG? It would serve you best to know how much you […]

How Do You Calculate Monthly Amortization on Your Home Loan?

Ever wondered how banks and financing institutions come up with a monthly amortization figure for your home loan?  There are several options for financing your home purchase – Pagibig, bank or in-house financing – but all these institutions use what is called a factor rate in computing your monthly amortization or what is commonly called […]

What Is ‘Dacion en Pago’ And Why Is It Important That Home Borrowers Know About This?

Dacion en pago is a Spanish term that means the giving back of the property mortgaged to the lender in exchange for the discharge of a mortgage debt.  This procedure is usually resorted to by borrowers who cannot anymore meet their mounting obligations on the mortgage.  As the debt accumulates and becomes unmanageable, dacion en […]

How to Register as a Real Estate Salesperson

In answer to queries I have been getting on how to register as a Real Estate Salesperson, I have summarized below the guidelines on the accreditation of Real Estate Salespersons (or what we sometimes refer to as Real Estate Agents) based on the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of RA # 9646 or what is […]

Moratorium on Housing Loan Payment for Typhoon Maring Victims

Vice-President and head of the National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation  Jejomar Binay has announced that Typhoon Maring victims who are housing loan borrowers of the following government agencies  – National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation  (NHMFC), Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF or Pag-IBIG Fund), National Housing Authority (NHA) and the Home Guaranty Corporation (HGC) – shall […]

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